Combining my work as a brand strategist, entrepreneur, and photographer, I specialize in headshots and personal branding photography. I help professional women feel confident and own their brand, enabling me to capture the headshot of their dreams—one they are excited to share online or to send to that big speaking gig. But I'm not just taking your headshot; I ignite your confidence in front of the camera! 

I also do brand strategy work with clients, helping them to hone in on their brand message and position.


In 2013, SW Creatives was preparing to graduate from a county incubator when I realized there was a need for more spaces that helped small business grow. Stumbling upon the idea of coworking, we hit the ground running to develop a space that would be where creative people work in downtown Silver Spring. Launching on the first day of spring in 2014, Creative Colony was born in the World Building. Since opening, we've supported countless entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and even telecommuters who simply need community.