Speaking is a part of my calling. I motivate people to excel, to give, to change the world and to fulfill their calling. I believe in living your authentic self 24/7, that we should always be growing, and that a little bit of fun goes a long way! Whether I'm sharing my passion for branding and website strategy, or my passion for living a calling qualified life, I enjoy connecting with my audience and teaching them new ways of seeing things. 

Shala was just an incredibly engaging speaker. Her words really resonated with me as a fellow entrepreneur, and I left the audience with tears in my eyes, because her story was really impactful for me.
— Michelle Lim Warner, Co-Founder & CEO, DCANTER

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Signature Talks

For Those Seeking Permission

Do you feel stuck? Maybe year after year has gone by because you feel like you don’t have permission to be true to yourself. This talk will give you the permission you’ve been waiting for to be true in your challenges, true to your calling, and true to your convictions. Watch a condense version of this talk in the demo video above.

Live Your Brand

Branding happens to every organization or individual, whether they plan it or not. When organizations intentionally build and live an authentic brand, they are able to navigate the terrain with fewer “son of a brand” moments! We’ve all experienced those moments. Moments where your staff isn’t communicating consistently or your audience can't connect you to what matters to them. Be inspired to think about and develop your brand values and personality, discern the difference between a tagline and a positioning statement, and how all of that sets the foundation for effective storytelling.

Transformers: Christians in Disguise

Life is hard and full of expectations—some fair and some ludicrous. To manage these expectations that others have of us, our nature is to change to appease the crowds. Do you really think Optimus Prime preferred being a Kenworth K100 cab over truck instead of a sentient robot with built-in artillery? I think not! But we become real-life transformers, masking our truest and best and most power identities as disciples of Jesus Christ in an effort to fit into a world to which we don’t belong. Discover your real identity and stop transforming!


I enjoyed Shala’s speech because she owned the stage. She felt confident and she shared a story that I could relate to and identify with. And of course, what woman can’t identify with pulling your big girl panties up. There was a season of change in her life, there were decisions she had to make. She made them and she went for it. She pulled her big girl panties up.
— Dafnette Jones, Spiritual Growth Director, The Bridge
What I loved about her talk was that it was so vulnerable. She talked about things that most people would be really embarrassed about, and maybe they’d try to gloss over. I left feeling like energized about what I can maybe do in my own life.
— Kristus Ratliff, Event Attendee


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